Welcome to the official website for the film Fruitcake!

Fruitcake is a new short film, directed by Seth M. Sherwood and Sarah Baker Grillo and starring Elyse Levesque, Erin Boyes, JR Bourne, and Troy Ruptash.

Fruitcake explores a frightening time in US history: the aftermath of the second World War, when psychiatrists and mental hospitals were under serious duress due to the heightened number of patients in need. Desperate for a simple and effective treatment for a variety of mental ailments, one particular Doctor — neuro-psychiatrist  Walter Freeman — popularized a new procedure: the transorbital “ice pick” lobotomy, a minimally invasive form of brain surgery which, while sometimes effective, also had wildly unpredictable (and often terrible) results.

Set in peaceful suburbia during the early 1950′s, Fruitcake tells the story of ‘Rosemary’ and ‘Sallie.’ Battling inner urges and mysterious longings, and pressured from every angle to live up to an imaginary ideal of perfection, these women might be swayed to take any course of action.

Coming soon to a screen near you…